How to maintain spider cranes in summer?

Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of mini crawler cranes. The 1-8 ton spider crane produced by the company has a small body shape and is easy to move. It is mainly suitable for substation maintenance, glass curtain wall installation, workshops, indoors, roofs and other narrow spaces.

Summer has arrived. It is well known that my country is generally hot and rainy in summer. For cranes, if they work for a long time in a hot and hot environment, it is likely to cause damage to the machine. In order to prolong the service life of spider cranes and ensure construction, it is particularly important to increase the maintenance and maintenance of spider cranes. Below, Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. will share some maintenance measures for spider cranes in summer for your reference.1

1. Every year, each component of the cooling system needs to be cleaned, tightened and lubricated before midsummer, and attention should be paid to keeping the cooling system unblocked in order to improve its heat dissipation capacity.


2. Pay attention to the damage of rain and dust to the small crane equipment. The hydraulic oil filter element is best to be replaced regularly. The oil return filter element needs to be replaced every 500 hours, and the oil suction filter element is replaced every 1000 hours. Regularly clean the hydraulic system radiator according to the frequency of vehicle use. If the frequency of use is high, it needs to be cleaned once every six months. It can maintain a good heat dissipation effect. Avoid long-term overload work and control your work and rest time.


3. Before and after each shift, check whether the steel structure of the operator’s equipment and axle components are flexible and whether there are small cracks to prevent the damage caused by the high temperature in summer. If the rust is found, the rust should be removed, repaired, and painted in time to avoid excessive rain in summer. Lead to increased rust.4

4. The engine oil and lubricating oil of small cranes should be replaced with summer oil before entering summer, and the amount of oil is appropriate; check at least once a month for oil leakage, especially fuel.


5. When the battery is charged in summer, the charging current should be appropriately reduced, each circuit connector should be firm and reliable, the aging circuit should be replaced, and the fuse capacity should meet the requirements for safe use. The equipment should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.


6. Check the water tank connecting hose before each use of the machine. The hose of the water tank has poor oil resistance. If damaged, it will affect the water supply of the water tank and cause the engine temperature to rise. Therefore, it is particularly important to eliminate cracks and water leakage in time.


7. Always pay attention to the reading of the water temperature gauge during operation. When the reading reaches 90º or higher, stop in a cool place nearby and cool down at idle speed until the temperature drops to a normal value.


8. In summer, the equipment should be parked in a cool place as much as possible to avoid sun exposure.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the maintenance of small cranes in summer compiled by Kebu, and I hope it will be helpful to the majority of car owners and drivers. Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. once again reminds you that the maintenance of spider cranes in summer cannot be ignored, and you must pay attention to rain and sun!

Post time: May-11-2021