Character deeds | Practicing the spirit of craftsmanship in ordinary positions

Only those who are sincere can achieve the ultimate.” “Craftsman spirit” is not in place in one step. They are all relying on the perfect pursuit of professional skills in ordinary jobs, relying on the inheritance and study of technology, repeating simple things and doing repetitive things exquisitely. Work to the extreme and make a realm. All employees of Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. are dedicated to their ordinary jobs, sweating, and becoming craftsmen on the spider crane production line, truly loving the company, loving the job, and fulfilling the job responsibilities wholeheartedly.

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Liu Shuai Master Liu joined the company last year as the assembly welder of the welder team. As a master with 15 years of welding experience, he has excellent welding skills, but he never prides himself on it. He still works diligently and steadfastly. His work efficiency is very high, and the assigned tasks can be completed on time with quality and quantity.

On the basis of completing the work, he did not slack in the slightest. In order to achieve a qualitative leap in welding technology, he also taught himself how to read the drawings. He is one of the few people in the workshop who can read the drawings and perform assembly and welding according to the drawings. “Major things in the world must be done in detail”, Master Liu has been working hard and tirelessly in his welding position, striving for perfection, pursuing excellence, and integrating “ingenuity” into every work link.

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It is such a group of obscure masters who are struggling on the front line. In ordinary positions, they stick to the ingenuity, with first-class technology and first-class quality, and have made extraordinary achievements. They use practical actions, not afraid of hardship or tiredness, and dedicated their strength. Give Kebu.

Kebu Company will always uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and create better products and services with the spirit of creativity in pursuit of excellence, the spirit of quality and customer-oriented service.

Post time: May-11-2021