A small body is of great use –mini spider crane

With the continuous development of the hoisting industry, people’s demand for hoisting equipment is no longer just big and strong, and sometimes more sophisticated and professional customization for certain special working conditions. It is in this market that continues to grow and become more refined. Under the circumstances of distribution, the hoisting elf of Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd.—the spider crane came into being!

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Spiders are famous for their “long legs”, and the same is true for spider cranes. The maximum span of the outriggers is 5.6 meters, and the spider crane with “long legs” can move up and down flexibly. Its chassis has the flexibility of a crawler crane and the super stability of a car crane.

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Its maximum rated lifting capacity is 8 tons. The biggest feature is that it is crawler when getting off the truck and can use outriggers when hoisting. Its chassis has the high flexibility of a crawler crane and the super stability of a car crane. It is very suitable for work sites with narrow roads, many slopes and muddy ground.


The narrow body and short length mean that the spider crane can operate safely in more narrow road conditions, and does not require temporary road repairs like a car crane. It costs extra manpower, material resources and time, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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After more than 10 years of development and painstaking research on spider cranes, Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the crawler spider crane series and wheeled spider crane series, and has provided customers with tailor-made services for a long time to provide customers with more possibilities. Here, you can always find exclusive products you like.

Post time: Apr-10-2021